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Your Refresh Button is Extremely Powerful

Are you irritated by the companies that blatantly discriminate against conservatives?

We need to send a strong message to companies that have become political operatives of the left that censor conservative free speech and conservative dialog. We need to fight fire-with-fire and now there is a very easy way to do just that.

MSM and almost every social media company shows a blatant bias towards the left. And now several e-commerce and retail companies have also become political operatives by dropping product-lines offered by companies that are conservative.

Together we can and will put an end to this bias. Everyone of these companies rely heavily on their online presence. "We The People" are drawing a line in the sand and will no longer stand for blatant discrimination.

Here is how this will work. As stated above, the refresh button is extremely powerful. And we're talking about the refresh button on your browser. The browser you use from your computer or smartphone to browse the internet.

When you have a few spare minutes, simply select anyone of these bias company websites. Navigate to any one of their website pages and smash your refresh button. And not just one-time but many many consecutive times for a 3-minute period. Time permitting, do this as often as you can everday.

In great numbers this will basically disable those sites and take them offline. Essentially putting them out-of-business for a period of time. Little did they know that they have now awoken a sleeping giant.

We recommend that you do this at anytime during the day with a particular focus at the top of each the hour. It's called "pound the refresh button". Initially our focus will be for 3-minute periods of time. If necessary, we will continue to increase the frequency and duration of this activity until these companies publicly acknowledge and reverse this bias.

This campaign will continue until those companies completely reverse and discontinue their discriminatory practices. In addition, those companies will need to compensate anyone or any company that has been financially impacted as a result of their discrimination.

It's time that we do what congress should have done a long time ago.

Most importantly, please share this website with as many people as you can. For obvious reasons, we need the masses in order for this to have a significant and quick impact. Additionally, if you would like to make a donation to help us advertise, you can click on this donation link.

Join Here

We The People: Have all of the power and it's time that we collectively demand that any company that is in the public domain treat people of all political preferences equally.
Use the comment area if you wish to send us a message of support.